For your aluminium flooring

Flooring profiles are very popular and a real alternative to wood or plastic. They are highly durable, non-splintering, easy to care for, and suitable for any sub-structure.

Ideal for old buildings, new buildings and renovations — offering a wide range of applications from balconies, terraces and carport roofs to the borders of swimming pools.

Heat is ideally dissipated thanks to the profile structure. Aluminium is cooler than wood, plastic or stone. The powder-coated surfaces provide an additional layer of insulation and are available in modern colours or with a wood finish.

Aluminium flooring, 13 mm

Our Safe Click System is simple to install and optically perfect. The aluminium profiles are easy to connect to one another and rule out any assembly errors.

The unique technology provides maintenance-free pleasure and is entirely waterproof. The flooring can be laid at any time of year without glue or sealing materials.

Profiles up to four metres long can be assembled without outside assistance thanks to their spacious mounting clips. Check out how easy our system is.

From 27,85excl. VAT.
From 23,97excl. VAT.
From 45,86excl. VAT.

The professional magazine ‘Das Haus’ is fascinated by our innovative flooring.

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From 15 to 18 April 2021 our aluminium floor covering will be presented at the Icelandic fair “verk og vit”.

To the fair

The date of the “Salon de L’Habitat” fair has been moved to February. We are pleased to present our aluminium floor covering and our new product on the market.

To the fair